Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend in Chile

I recently realized that no one really knows how I spend my free time. In general, I do a lot of the same things I do in the States--eat, sleep, do homework, and hang out with my friends (yep, I have friends!). But this weekend was full of fun things, so I've decided to give a play-by-play so you can all see how I spend my time!

Friday: I get out of school at 2:30 which is nice and early. I just chilled during the afternoon and went to spinning at the gym at 8:30 with my sister and her friend. The spinning instructor's name is Antonio, and to be honest, I have a little crush. (We've never talked, though).
When we got out of spinning and after I did my planks (I'm trying to stay in shape a bit here...) we took our showers and then Paula (sister) and Valeria (friend) started talking about the party at one of the other schools downtown. Paula really wanted to go, but no one would go with her, but we mutually decided in about 15 minutes to go! Why not? We all said.

So Paula and I came home (Valeria's family was going to pick us up a little later), had a snack, and got dressed. We got picked up at 11, a normal time for going out, danced and hung out, and got picked up at 1 ("early" because we had things to do the next day at school). Valeria and I even got in one of the pictures that the people who put on the party take, which was quite the accomplishment. It's a horrible picture of me, but here it is:

So we got home at around 1:20 and I was absolutely exhausted so I went right to bed.

Saturday: My alarm went off bright and early at 8:15, more than three hours earlier than my normal wake up time on a Saturday. But I had to go to Dia Del Libro at school, or Book Day! Let's just say it was pretty un-epic. The math and humanities kids had booths, but me, a science kid, didn't, so I alternated my time between the other two groups, socializing and just hanging out.

Dia Del Libro ended at 1, and after that I went to McDonald's with three classmates. I know, it's pathetic, but they like it a lot and being the American that I am they assume I eat it all the time. A secret? I can't remember the last time I had a hamburger at McDonald's, but I had one on Saturday, and it was delicious. I had a lot of fun with them, just hanging out and eating--after nine weeks here it's really rewarding to be able to participate in a normal conversation with classmates, gossiping, laughing, and just hanging out.

Javiera and me with our hamburgers
After McDonald's, we were planning on going over to another classmate's house to work on a history project, but had some time to burn so we went over to a plaza nearby and played on the playground (which I've definitely done in the States too). It was a nice day (it's been starting to get a little cold) so it was wonderful to just sit outside and enjoy the weather. 

 At three we headed over to the classmate's house to "work on history" but we ended up watching a soccer game (University of Chile vs. Colo Colo. U of Chile won in like the last five minutes and one of the boys was super upset the rest of the afternoon). So we didn't get too much work done, but it was fun!

At 7ish, the boys left, and the girls stayed back to have Onces (which is like a teatime but dinner too). It's usually tea or coffee and bread with some sort of topping. At 9, we went over to another classmate's house for a get together where ate snack food and just sat around talking. I was exhausted by then, but participated in the conversation when I could, and felt happy curled up next to the fire with my classmate's cat in my lap.

Javiera's mom came to pick us up at midnight, and I got home about 12:20. After such a long day, I went straight to bed again, waking up at 11:30 the next morning. Now that's more like it!

Sunday: After waking up, I caught up on my journalling, and decided to go to the gym about 12:25 (it closes at 2 on Sundays). But being the very intelligent person that I am, I forgot that it was "Dia del Trabajador" or Worker's day (May Day). I walk into the gym parking lot and the guard stopped me and said "Where are you going?". "To the gym?" I responded, and he told me it was closed for Dia del Trabajador. I felt a little sad but I was proud for having that whole entire conversation in Spanish without asking him to repeat himself. I even called him "usted" which is a problem I've been having lately!

Anyways, I headed back home, did homework, ate lunch, watched some TV, did some more homework, and skyped with my family and a few friends (Sunday night is usually my skype time). I ended the weekend watching my favorite TV show "Mi Nombre Es" where Chileans dress up as celebrity singers and sing and get judged about how close they are in appearance and voice. It's quite entertaining. Last week was Miley Cyrus, and I had to take a picture she looked so similar.
HOW SCARY IS THAT!??! I was screaming to my host brother in the other room (watching the same program) I was so excited.

But there you go--just an average weekend in Chile! I'm still enjoying myself ridiculously and my English is falling apart. It's crazy that in two weeks I'm halfway done with this crazy trip. I'm having the time of my life. I really am.

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