Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Milk and Milo

I'm from Wisconsin, the milk and cheese state. So coming here, the change in milk was a big shock. It comes in boxes (I knew that before coming, but still), isn't refrigerated until it's opened, and tastes....strange. It's hard to describe, but it tastes gross enough that you can't drink it plain. So I drink it with Milo!

What's Milo? you might ask. It's basically hot chocolate mix. You mix it into the milk and it tastes good. Probably because it's chocolate. I drink Milo in the mornings with breakfast with hot milk and usually a glass when i come home from school.

This blog post will be a detailed summary of how to heat up the milk and add Milo. Okay, it's not super difficult, but it's a part of my life here. And this blog is supposed to be about the random details in my life, right?

1. Pour the milk-from-a-box into a cup to measure how much to heat up.

 2. Pour the milk into the pot used to heat up milk.

3. Use a match (yes, another match!) to light the stove to heat up the milk.

NOTE: I keep meaning to ask about the matches--there only seems to be one brand--"Copihue". Is it a monopoly or something? But they are very nice matches. We have quite the collection.

4. While the milk is heating up, grab the Milo from the shelf next to the stove.

5. When the milk is at the desired temperature, turn off the stove!

6. Pour the milk back into the cup and add 3-4 spoonfuls of Milo.

 7. Stir the milk and Milo until Milo is evenly distributed.

8. Drink!

So now you know. On weekdays, my mom usually heats the milk up for me, so I can sleep a little more. It's very nice to drink something hot in the mornings now that it's getting colder.

I'm home sick today, which is why I'm posting at 11:00 my time. It's just a cold, but I thought it'd be better to stay home and not be miserable at school and get other people sick. I'm going to practice my vocab words again, look up chess and soccer vocab words, and try to find survivor online (CBS doesn't let me watch in Chile.)

Okay, I hope you are all having a fantatsic Wednesday!

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