Monday, December 13, 2010

one thousand, two hundred and fifty five.

What an exciting November!

First, I want to thank everyone for their incredible support. Although my chipin widget only says $225, my current total is actually $1,255. This fundraising endeavor has been so much more successful than I never imagined. Just typing that total astounds me--it's been so exciting to get to share this adventure with so many people.

I'm sorry for not posting earlier. I've been busy writing letters and thank you notes, plus things for school. Student Council just finished their annual food drive and I was very involved in the planning, counting, and packaging of food.

Now that I have two and a half months until my departure, everything is getting more intense. I'm finishing up my background check request and I'll be sending that into the FBI soon. I have my HIV blood test scheduled. These are both for my visa that I'm working on. It's a lot more work than i expected--it includes notarized paperwork, health forms, photos, and an in-person appointment, just to name a few. It's exciting though--I love paperwork and file folders and mail.

On an even more exciting note, my family is seriously considering getting a host son during the time I'm away. The logistics have been hard to work out but it's an exciting opportunity. Right now we're looking at boys from Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia.

I still haven't gotten my own host family, and I probably won't until late January or even early February. I'll write again soon and talk about AFS and why I want to go on exchange.

Thanks again!

P.S: is a really fun site where all of the blogs of students on exchange with AFS can be read. I spend a lot of time there. You should check it out!

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